Covid-19 Guidelines for DFM Use of our Facilities and Grounds

Updated on 3/10/22

These guidelines have been approved by the Ad-Hoc Covid-19 Committee.

  1. Any DFM committee or group that considers meeting in person on the DFM grounds or in the DFM buildings is advised to take care that participants would not feel excluded by this decision or pressured to meet in person.  Friends should consider the health and safety of all participants in the committee or group.

  2. Friends are welcome to wear masks any time that they feel more safe doing so.

  3. Friends are encouraged to make decisions about personal masking according to their own assessment of their personal risk for contracting severe Covid-19 or if they live with someone who is at risk for contracting severe Covid-19.(CDC on persons with increased risk)

  4. At this time, due to CDC recommendations, Friends are required to wear masks when they are in the DFM buildings. (CDC by County)

  5. Friends should continue to maintain physical distance when meeting on the grounds or in the buildings. 

  6. Friends should not assume that someone is comfortable with brief physical closeness, but should ask another Friend before engaging in any expressions that involve physical closeness.

  7. Measures should be taken to allow good air exchange in our facilities.  Monitoring of CO2 levels is also encouraged in order to verify sufficient air exchange and compare to outdoor levels.

  8. All childcare and FDS teachers must be fully vaccinated and up to date on their boosters.

  9. Children and adults will fill-out a health screening form before first day childcare and FDS sessions.

  10. Children and childcare providers working with children are no longer required to wear masks when they are outdoors.

  11. Childcare and First Day School for children should be planned for outdoor spaces.  At this time indoor childcare or FDS will be allowed when the weather precludes being outdoors under the following circumstances:

    1. Children and providers will wear masks when indoors.

    2. 15 children may meet indoors at a time, either all together in the fellowship room or in smaller groups of 5 in 3 of the classes in the lower level.  

    3. Childcare providers or FDS teachers who watch the children indoors should not have any additional risk factors for severe Covid-19 infection, including being over 65 years old.

  12. Friends must stay off the fenced-in playground when the Durham Early School is in session, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am to 5:30 pm.

  13. Participants must follow all local, state, and federal recommendations related to Covid-19 safety.